Upcoming Holiday Menus:

Sunday, April 5 - Easter Sunday Brunch
Wednesday, April 22 - Earth Day Dinner Special
Sunday, May 10 - Mother's Day Brunch

Food just tastes better on the Blue Ridge!

Maybe it’s the fresh local ingredients. Maybe it’s the spectacular regional specialties. Maybe it’s the views of Abbot Lake. Maybe it’s all of the above. There are many reasons why dining at Peaks of Otter Lake View Restaurant is to be savored. Whether you’re in the mood for a simple yet tasty lunch or a bountiful buffet, we have what you crave.
Pan Seared Boneless Trout Prime Rib

2014 Breakfast Menu
2014 Lunch Menu (Sunday Brunch ends at 3:30 pm)
2014 Dinner Menu (Sunday Brunch ends at 3:30 pm)
2014 Dessert Menu
2014 Wine & Beer Menu