What life at the top should feel like.

Looking for a refreshing experience in travel? It’s here, sheltered among the ancient peaks, cooled by mountain streams.

aerial view of the lodge and surroundings   
 Lodge Entrance  

The natural wonder of Peaks of Otter is the main attraction here, of course, but it's perfectly complimented by the warm hospitality at Peaks of Otter Lodge. Both are a breath of fresh air.

Nestled between two of the three mountains that make up Peaks of Otter, the Lodge offers 63 rooms, meeting facilities, wedding facilities, a full-service restaurant, a lounge and a gift shop - all overlooking beautiful Abbott Lake and majestic Sharp Top mountain.

Completed in 1964, the Lodge is the revered flagship of the chain of visitor concessions stretching along the Virginia portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway, and one in a long line of inns and wayside houses that have sheltered travelers and visitors in this part of the world for nearly 200 years.

Today, we can offer you the beauty and tranquility of Peaks of Otter along with the comfortable newly renovated accommodations. We even have designated pet friendly rooms available. Warm yourself by the fire and enjoy drinks in the Bear Claw Lounge, unplug and decompress. The lack of in-room phones and cell service only enhances the peacefulness of the surroundings.

Driving a hybrid or electric car to visit us?

Visit our front desk to receive a special surprise!

Disclaimer: Redeemable one time only; must have driven hybrid or electric vehicle to the lodge at time of offer redemption.