Learn about “life on the home front” during the Civil War for 1864 Appalachian Mountain families!

June 24, 2017
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Hunters Raid - Peaks of Otter Lodge

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Visitors to the encampment will have the opportunity to listen to multiple points of view surrounding “Hunter’s Raid” including fictional families, accurate information regarding Confederate soldiers fighting a “delaying action”, and General David Hunter’s Union forces on their way to attack Lynchburg.

Hunters Raid - Peaks of Otter Lodge

What would a farm (such as Johnson Farm) family do and experience as friendly or hostile forces moved through their area to “obtain the resources” to make war (food, livestock, valuables, medicine, clothing)? Recount unfortunate stories of homes burned along the route. What would family life for a small family farm be like with all the fighting age males off at war (daily chores, plowing, planting, harvest, defense, social life, anxiety over loved ones)?

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It's sure to be a day of fun for historians and families alike.